Parkcity Hardware Merchant
59, Jalan Jed 3,
Bandar Parklands,
41200 Klang,
Selangor, Malaysia.
+603-3319 3938
+603-3319 3938


Offering bathroom accessories including mirrors, wash basins, blinds, curtain railings, hangers, etc.

Door Frame - Metal

Wash Basins



Offering automotive grease and lubrication, booster cables, wheelbarrows, pest control chemicals, sprayers, trolleys, garden hoses and accessories, farming tools, trash bags, brushes and brooms, etc.

Garden Hoses and Accessories


Farming Tools

Brushes and Brooms

Offering adhesives, glue, tapes, building materials including wood, bricks, sand, plywood, cement, timber, steel bars, BRC, cables, ropes, chains, doors, locks, padlocks, hinges, cutters, grinders, knobs, etc.

Polyester Sling

Lever Hoist


Galvanised Wire Rope

Offering extensive cords, multiple sockets, socket adaptors, wires, electrical tapes, electrical boxes and fittings, fuses, plugs and connectors, cables, switches, doorbells, etc.

PVC Flexible Wires

Multiple Sockets

Light Bulbs



Wood & Timber

Steel Bars


Coarse Sand


Monsanto Roundup Herbicide 4 Litre

Full range of PVC, UPVC, ABS, Buteline, Poly pipes and their fittings and accessories, drainers, plumbing hardware, plumber tools, sinks, toilet seats, shower heads, bidets, taps, washing machine hoses and accessories, water filters, water pumps, etc.

PVC Pipe & Fittings

UPVC Pipe & Fittings

ABS Pipe & Fittings

Poly Pipe & Fittings

Full range of paints from Dulux ICI, Jotun, Nippon Paint, TOA, LSC. Sealers, spray paints, thinner, turpuntine, brushes and rollers, caulk, sealants, ladders, masking tape and paper, paint trays, sandpaper, etc.

Jotun Paint

Dulux ICI

Exterior - Jotashield Colour Extreme

Exterior - Jotashield Primer

Air compressor, clamps, fasteners, hand tools, measuring tapes and levels, power tools, protective and safety equipments, tool storage, etc.

MAKITA Range of Power Tools

BOSCH Range of Power Tools

Power Tools

Measuring Tapes and Levels

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